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Suitable for ISAs, SIPPs and General Investment Accounts (GIA)

At Zodiac Partners we understand every client has different investment objectives. We use our expertise and experience together with your own specific goals to build a portfolio. We will balance risk with your desired return, look at costs involved and build a portfolio suitable for your needs. 

As a client of Zodiac Partners, you will receive your own login to our platform which is powered by  Saxo bank and backed with safe custody of your assets at Citi Group. The safety of your assets is of paramount importance to us which is why we have chosen to partner with Saxo.

Our investment management solutions can be applied to ordinary investment accounts, individual savings accounts (ISAs) and self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs).


DFM Model portfolios

Tailored to your individual risk and return desires we have three model portfolios for clients to invest in: Global Balanced, Balanced and UK Equity +. These portfolios are risk adjusted, containing global positions and use ETF’s or shares to gain exposure wherever it is possible in order to keep the cost to you at a minimum.

Our investment process starts with a high level asset allocation between equities, debt, cash, money markets, property, commodities and alternative investments and ends with micro decision on an individual stock level. For a more detail please call or book an appointment to see our Investment Director, James Russell.

Execution only clients

As well as managing your money we are able to run any of your accounts as execution only. You decide what to buy and let our experienced traders transact for you on your accounts. Zodiac Partners have now added IG Markets share dealing accounts to our offering, your cash and assets will be held securely at Citigroup.

 For more information on our Wealth Management Products contact Zodiac Partners Limited.

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